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Mower vibrates strongly while operating

Hey Folks,

My mower’s body begins to vibrate very strongly on starting, the vibrations get worse when the PTO is engaged. Is there something I can do to fix this?


Hello Henry,

Excessive vibrations are commonly caused by an unbalanced blade – if you recently sharpened your blade, inspect the blade again to ensure that both sides are equally balanced. Mowing with a dull blade can also increase vibrations. If the blades are fine, there could be a problem with the drive belts – open the housing and inspect the assembly. Replace the belts if they have worn out.

Blades becoming dull more frequently

Hello guys,

My Gravely mower seems to be running through the life of its blades far quicker than it should, although my usage is not higher than average. What could be wearing out the blades so fast?


Hi Ashley,

Check that the blades are installed properly and that the pressure in all tires is equal – too much of a tilt in either direction can wear out blades prematurely. Also make sure that your lawn is clear of debris and that the grass is dry before you mow, as this could also affect your blade’s life. Avoid sharpening the blades too often – only sharpen when then lose their cutting finesse.

Mower stalling after mowing for a few minutes

Hi everybody,

My Gravely Pro Stance mower starts and then shuts off after a few minutes of mowing, despite the fuel gauge reading full. What could be causing this?


Hello Josh,

It’s possible that your fuel cap’s vent has been clogged – the vent is designed to equalize pressure inside the tank as fuel is drawn by the engine. Try replacing the fuel cap or clean out the air vent in your existing one.

Gravely Pro Turn 200 fuel economy getting worse

Hello Guys,

My Gravely Pro Turn 200 seems to be running out of fuel more frequently than before, despite regular maintenance schedules. The engine is flawless, has anyone experienced something similar?


Hi Hamsik,

I would suggest you check your carburetor to ensure that you’re using the appropriate air fuel mixture for your conditions – a higher air fuel mixture is ideal in colder conditions but can lower fuel economy, especially in normal conditions.

White smoke coming from mower’s body

Hi Guys,

My mower began to emit white smoke shortly after starting it – it’s only 2 months old. Is this a defect?


Hey Jonathon,

White smoke coming from your mower is generally no reason to panic, it’s the excess oil that spilled on the body burning off. If the smoke remains for a long time and happens repeatedly, have a technician inspect the unit.

Difficult to start my Gravely Pro Walk engine

Hey there,

I’ve had no issues with my Pro Walk mower until it became increasingly difficult to get the engine running. The mower is barely 6 months old, does anyone know what the issue could be?


Hello Ron,

It’s most likely a dirty spark plug or a clogged air cleaner – I’ve noticed that regular replacement of the filter and cleaner keeps my engine running smoothly for months.  If you mow in dusty conditions, you’ll probably need to replace them more frequently.

Unable to get an even cut with Gravely Pro Stance

Hi Folks,

My Gravely Pro Stance refuses to cut in a straight line – I checked the blades and the tire pressure is the same on both sides. Any suggestions as to how I could fix this?


Hey Jess,

Most of the time it’s always uneven tire pressure or a problem in the blade but considering that’s not the case with you, it could be wet grass – allow the grass to dry out before you mow. If that isn’t the issue either, check the blade’s orientation and the throttle control. Set the throttle to ‘fast’ if it was at a slower setting.

Gravely Pro Turn blades stopping

Hello Guys,

My Gravely Pro Turn zero turn mower is just over a year old, and was working fine until the blade mechanism stopped this week. The engine starts and runs without a hitch. Does anyone know what the issue could be?


Hello Jason,

Since you mentioned that your engine doesn’t have any problem, it’s likely that the issue is localized around your PTO system. I would recommend inspecting the PTO clutch and the drive belts. A broken idler pulley could also be stopping power from reaching you blades.